Cluster Yachting Monaco

We are a collection of Monaco-based companies and organisations dedicated to providing the very best services and products to the yachting and maritime sector.

About Us

The Cluster Yachting Monaco, a centre of competitiveness uniting interdependent organisations and companies operating in the same sector, aims to bring together professionals working in the Monaco marketplace. It was established on the initiative of a top level committee (Conseil Stratégique pour l’Attractivité de Monaco) set up by the Monaco Government five years ago.



2019 Events

Our Member Directory

The Yachting Cluster in Monaco has more than 80 members and we are always willing to welcome new members who would like to contribute to the success of the yachting and maritime industry in Monaco.

Why a Yachting Cluster in Monaco?

Above all, the Yachting Cluster in Monaco was created by and for professionals to share their experiences, the day-to-day reality driving their businesses, their perceptions of the market and their ideas. Some of our goals include:

  • Promote

    Promote “Monaco: Capital of Yachting” through its professionals and businesses
  • Highlight

    Highlight Monaco as a maritime and yachting nation
  • Communicate

    Promote communication and instigate dialogue to progress
  • Innovate

    Encourage innovation in the industry
  • Inspire

    Inspire synergies between partners
  • Brainstorm

    Brainstorm ideas on training and employment
  • Understand

    Understand and share information on new regulations
  • Collaborate

    Enable and help each of our members to collaborate
  • Events

    Create events to promote all of our core values


International Events

One of the goals of the Cluster Yachting Monaco is to create and host events that facilitate the collaboration and advancement of the yachting and maritime industry in Monaco.



Asia- Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) is the leading professional and regional yacht industry association for Asia; and the first ever cross-country association established in Asia.


  • We work to actively promote our members who are Asian yacht businesses and for worldwide yacht businesses that want to do business in Asia.
  • We promote the South, South East and Eastern Asia region to the global superyacht community as one of the world’s three main cruising regions.
  • This is achieved through collaborative promotional activities, sponsored social events and international yacht shows such as Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Singapore and Thailand Yacht Show; and direct promotional activities year round to proactively connect our members with Captains and Owners.

Tahiti Tourisme est l’organisme de promotion touristique ou Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) de la Polynésie française, plus connue comme Tahiti Et Ses Îles.

Tahiti Tourisme gère le marketing, la publicité, les relations publiques, les promotions, les événements et l’ensemble des programmes de commercialisation de la destination. Sa mission est d’augmenter le nombre d’arrivées de visiteurs à Tahiti Et Ses ÎlesTahiti Tourisme est composée d’une équipe d’une quarantaine de personnes au siège (Papeete, Tahiti) et de 12 représentants répartis dans le monde entier œuvrant tous ensemble sur 18 marchés internationaux.

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