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Perfect mooring : Keep on mooring ! Offering eco responsible mooring solutions for the yachting industry, Julien Guesdon


PERFECT MOORINGS was developed from 2015 by the Monegasque born international yacht agent group “CATALANO SHIPPING SERVICES”.

It is a qualified branch specializing in eco responsible mooring solutions, within a group devoted almost exclusively to the yachting sector and thus benefiting from a strong and integrated network.

The activities and systems developed by the company are responding to three major stakes:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: The wild or uncontrolled mooring is causing massive damages to various eco-systems, mostly to the Sea grass meadows
  • SAFETY: The lack of regulation and of virtuous mooring systems is provoking some accidentology and a seasonal overflow of some attractive areas
  • ECONOMICS: The business generated by the yachting industry is vital to many economic players

The specific know-how of PERFECT MOORINGS is the conception, projection, production, installation & coordination of ecofriendly mooring systems and managements.

The basic sketch of our ecofriendly mooring lines is the following:

image 15

The main accomplishments of the company allow to offer today an expertise on various existing systems, for yachts of any size and for most substrates & seabed.
Main accomplishments:
image 3
image 4
The main objectives for PERFECT MOORINGS in the near future is to keep on developing its central position in the industry and to participate to the following:
  • Reaching the goals of environmental protection & reach/respect the legal framework
  • Satisfying all parties: Public administrations & Law, Small craft boaters, Yachts/Mega yachts, Ports/Marinas, fishermen, beach life (swimmers, water toys…).
  • Maintaining the accessibility & services to Yachters and the related economical outcomes
  • Keep vivid the spirit of “freedom” related to yachting

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