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Icon Connect winner at SBID Product Design Awards 2020

We are very excited to announce that we have won the SBID Product Design Awards® 2020 in the Sound & Vision category . 2020


This category is for audio visual and/or lighting schemes as well as individual products. AV/lighting schemes are eligible for both residential and commercial interiors. Entries should reflect how the concept meets the needs of both the client and the end user. Individual products such as TVs, speakers, home automation and music systems are also eligible.

Icon Connect has been in the business of keeping customers safe, comfortable, entertained and connected since 1987. We put you in control, through simply operated smart systems in your luxury home, office or yacht.

Our focus is always on you and your needs. Getting it right first time requires informed consultation and experience. We achieve this by  understanding every important detail, from where you like to watch TV to what level of security you feel comfortable with, to create a system that fits naturally into your life.

Satellite and Communication Services

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For Connectivity

Depending on your location and needs (from e-mail to Ultra HD Streaming), we will recommend the perfect data service plans. Optimum cost efficient solutions include VSAT and 4G/5G
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 For Entertainment

Profitez des chaînes de divertissement et de sport sur terre ou en mer, avec des services gérés tels que Kartina TV, ATN Arab, Sky TV (Royaume-Uni et Italie), DirecTV (États-Unis, Caraïbes, Amérique latine), DishTV ou IPTV.

Sentinel Care

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Icône Hotline

Whilst at sea, our team perform to ensure we provide speedy resolution to your questions. To ensure our client receives fast response to inquiries, our engineer on duty is available 7 days a week.  The best part of our support services are that you can access them at office or home, every day of the week and get personalized assistance from experts who can keep your  operations running well.

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Icon Remote & Monitoring

Each Icon Connect system includes Icon server. This is our on-board  “Toolbox” for system control, administration, maintenance and management.

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Icon Health.

This service includes a 1 or 2 days annual engineering visit by two engineers (software and hardware); in order to rectify any minor faults where achievable in the time frame and to do a full system operations test and report, guaranteeing you a season in complete peace.

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 Icon Spares

Whether under warranty or not, the most effective and fastest solution to any potential engineering fault is through the on-board engineers with remote technical support. In most cases, the cause of any electronic issue can be as simple as a failed power supply or component so maintaining an on-board stock of critical spares can avoid frustration, delay and unnecessary cost in resolving issues.
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Icon Support

Support for your IT services including software, PC’s and peripherals, email hosting account administration and data back-up systems.

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